-Cut paper long wise so you have 1-4"x11" strip (for back of pockets) and 1-4 1/2"x11" strip (front of pockets).

-Cut each strip in the middle short wise at 5 1/2". You now have pieces to make 2 pockets.

-Working on the back of the paper, turn the larger piece 1/4 (so it's long side it going right to left) and lay the smaller piece on top of it (longer side going top to bottom). The smaller piece should be placed about 3/8" from the bottom edge of the bottom piece.

-Fold the bottom piece over the top piece and crease on all 3 sides (right, bottom and left)

- Cut off the 2 little rectangles that have been formed in the bottom corners of the bottom piece. So now it has 3 tabs (right, bottom and left).

- With and oval or circle template, trace a shallow curve at the top of the pocket front (piece with tabs). Then cut it out.

- working on the back of the paper, lay the pocket back piece on top of the pocket front (piece with tabs). Fold the tabs over the back and glue down.

here's an illustration that may help some of you visual folks!