Ok. Here are the instructions to the cute star books. If you haven't seen them they are basicly an accordian mini book that fans open and ties closed into a star shape. I have one in my gallery.

Here it is:
Step 1: Cut out the following
2 pieces of matboard (4" x 4"). Cut pieces from a cereal box work too.
2 pieces of cardstock for the cover (5" x 5")
7 pieces of cardstock for the outer pages (8" x 4")
7 pieces of cardstock for the middle pages (6.5" x 3.5")
7 pieces of cardstock for the inner pages (5.5" x 3")

Step 2: Lay the 2 pieces of cardstock for cover wrong side up. Cover with adhesive (tombo mono aqua liquid glue works great!) Lay the mat board down in the center of the cardstock. Fold each corner in and then fold in each side. Set

Step 3: Fold all remaining strips of cardstock in half. Crease Well.

Step 4: Take the 7 strips for the outer pages. With the strips folded in half glue one on top of the other in a stack. Cut 2 pieces of ribbon to tie your book closed. Glue your cover to the top and bottom of the stack and sandwich the ribbon between the page and the cover.

Step 5. Decorate all of your inner pages and add pictures. It is difficult to add the pics after the book is assembled.

Step 6. Take one of your inner pages. Run a thin line of glue or strong double sided tape down each side of the page on the back and line the left side up 1/4" inside a medium page. Tape it down.

Step 7. Now pull the inner page over and tape the right side down 1/4" inside the medium page. Repeat this with all of the pages.

Step 8. In the same manner as in step six tape the medium pages onto the outer pages.

You have now completed your first star book!