While a sewing machine does make sewing on a l/o or paper project much quicker, it is NOT the only way to achieve that look. Hand sewing is a bit more time consuming, but is the perfect choice in tight areas or when a machine is not available.

Items needed to make the project successful:
clear quilting ruler
poke tool or straight pin
mouse pad or foam mat
needle and floss (thread)

For a smooth, finished look it is BY FAR much easier to pre-poke the holes, then complete the stitching. Using a clear quilting ruler allows you to evenly place and space your holes. A foam or mouse pad placed under the paper being pierced makes the job smoother and quicker. A few companies make tools designed to poke holes, but a small push pin or t-pin works as well. Finally, DMC floss, in one, two or three strands, is a great alternative to standard thread (which can knot VERY quickly).

Lay your mat or pad on your work surface, and place your paper on top of it. Decide on width and distance and lay your quilting ruler on top of your paper. Use your poking tool to pre-poke the holes at the distance desired. Lift up the paper and sew in the newly created holes. Use a piece of photo tape or an unpeeled photo tab to hold the end of the thread in place without creating any additional bulk.

Have fun!

submitted by Cori Dahmen