An old phone book, preferably a smaller one can become many things to a preschooler. A coffee table book for drawings from school, a storybook or a scrapbook.

My daughter loves to scrap with me. But my scrapping supplies can get expensive and so I have devised a plan to allow her to scrap alongside of me…INEXPENSIVELY. Actually, my Mom did this for me when I was little, too!

I have a child size table that folds out on which I set her up with a glue stick, scissors, tape, pens, paper...all the good stuff; some embellishments I just won’t use, scraps of the my fun paper, ribbon, and old magazines. I take an old phone book and glues about 3 pages together to make stiffen them up. She is now able to scrap like me. She cuts out pictures from the magazines, colors on paper, cuts out shapes, uses stickers and creates her own masterpieces. And there’s no reason for me to flinch or fuss!

The good thing is that, like me, only a few pages need to be done at a's a creative never ending my scrapping!