1. Use clear embossing powder (can buy a bulk container) with your colored inks. The powder takes on the color of the inks and you save money on embossing powders and can buy more colored inks!

2. Store the clear embossing powder in Glad-ware or Ziploc containers. Put your work over the container and use a plastic spoon to scoop and dust your work. Dump back into the container the excess.

3. To keep embossing powder fresh, add one of those silica packs that come with new shoes into the container. This absorbs any moisture which can weaken the powder.

4. If you are using the small embossing containers, put your work on a clean coffee filter (not the cone kind) and pour onto the image then dump the excess back into the container.

5. Recycle a sheet of paper. Fold in half. Put your image onto the paper, pour the embossing powder on, dump the excess off onto the paper, then use the fold as a funnel to get the paper back into the container.

Hope these tips help someone.