For those keen on PSP or Photoshop, there are a ton of free brushes out there than can make wonderful faux stamps. They are simple and easy to make! Just print out the image you would like to use on a piece of transparency paper, page protector, or other non-porous sheet that will fit through your inkjet printer safely. (Do not use a lazer printer) Make sure to print the image opposite (mirrored) of what it is originally, so it will "stamp" onto your paper the right way and not backwards. Print on NORMAL settings (not glossy, fine or photo setting) and transfer IMMEDIATELY (do not wait for it to dry) onto your paper. The raw effect of not waiting for it to dry creates an authintic rubber-stamp look. Be careful not to rub or move the plastic around once you've placed on your paper. Slowly lift upward from the corners and WA LAH! Instant rubber stamp without the shocking price tag. Better yet, you can use any colors you'd like without having to buy a ton of stamp pads...AND you can rinse and reuse the plastic sheet again and again...AND you can use images, words, and phrases that you simply cannot find in your rubber stamp collection. The possibilities are endless!