I can’t sew.

I have seen the beautiful layouts done with machine stitching…I own a craft sewing machine…and I can’t use it.

I have tried. I really tried. My Mother could sew like the wind…me? Completely challenged in that department.

I was watching Antiques Road Show and saw the most beautiful hand stitched work. It wasn't done by a machine, rather, simple stitch-work done by hand.

And, at that moment, I had been saved.

With some embroidery floss, a pencil and a wonderfully creative design in my head I sat down and stitched away…right through the paper with my own hands.

Emerging like a child’s first attempt at stitch-work…I reveled in it’s uniqueness.

No one has this paper…I am the only person in the world with this paper…AND THAT MAKES ME SO HAPPY!