Acid-Neutralizing and Preserving Wash

One method that has been submitted as a means of preserving newspaper clippings is the use of a Milk of Magnesia bath.

Please note that the author does not recommend using this method and takes no responsibility for the outcome. Newsprint varies in texture and quality. If you choose to use this method, make sure you take three precautions:

Make a photocopy of the newspaper article before you use this method.
Make a sample batch of the liquid and practice with new newsprint before you do anything with your precious clippings.
Practice on several other new clippings of the same size, so you become familiar with how to handle the wet newsprint.

This method is not intended for use with any handwritten manuscripts, as the ink will run and destroy the document. This method is to be used only to stop the aging process of newspaper clippings.

Mix the following as directed below:

One capful milk of magnesia
One bottle of club soda (1 liter size)

Pour one capful of Milk of Magnesia into the bottle of club soda. Carefully replace the cap and slowly invert to mix the two fluids. Label the bottle so that someone finding it in the refrigerator does not mistake it for something else. The mixture isn't dangerous; it just tastes awful. Store this overnight in the refrigerator.

Pour the solution into a glass cake pan.

Gently put a clipping into the solution for 2-3 minutes. Be careful not to tear or poke holes in the fragile paper.

Carefully place between white paper towels to extract most of the solution. (Use of color or printed paper towels may cause inks to transfer onto the clipping.) Transfer and store overnight between two pages of white blotter paper with books used on top for weights.