First, cut your paper the measurement of the outside cover (donít include the spiral in the measurement), cut 2 pieces if youíre covering front and back. Put the piece of paper on top of the album, turn the album over and with a pen/pencil (you wonít see the marks once itís done) mark where the holes are with dots. Measure the distance from the albumís left edge to its holes. Use this measurement to draw a vertical line down the back of your patterned paper. Punch small holes at the marks where the lines/dots intersect. Finally, make a horizontal cut from the hole to the edge of the paper. Do this to both front and back sides of album. To attach, I used my Xyron machine and just ran the paper through but you could also use adhesive spray, Mod Podge or whatever works for you. I cut the corners so they fold in nicely and fold the edges over and glue to the inside. Then I take a piece of cardstock and measure just inside the covers and glue down to cover up the folds. And if youíre putting any kind of closure like ribbon, etc. be sure to put it under the paper before you glue the paper down.

Tip: I use a pencil to flatten down the tabs under the spirals.