What is a Shaker box?

A “shaker” box is something like a child’s rattle. It is a decorated embellishment for a scrapbook which has a clear plastic top through which one can see loose items inside. When shaken, it makes a rattling sound. This is a wonderful way to add a special flair to your pages – they can be cute or elegant!

Step by step instructions:
Cut 2 identical shapes from cardstock. One will be the TOP the other will be the BOTTOM.
Cut a hole in the TOP.
Cut a piece of clear plastic to cover the hole in the TOP.
Decorate TOP and BOTTOM.
Adhere the plastic to the TOP. (Check for fingerprints on the plastic).
Line the underside of the TOP with double sided foam tape.
Place punchies, beads, etc., inside TOP.
Adhere BOTTOM to TOP.
Adhere the shaker box to your scrapbook page as an embellishment & enjoy!