Since I do lots of cards I had awful problems in the beginning how to fold them without the paper getting a bit crinkled around the fold. Also I noticed that the thicker paper I used the worse the fold would look. After trial and error using cutters and all sorts of things to solve this problem I finally found the perfect way to make a straight, perfectly rounded fold that never creases and never ruins the paper.

All you need is a ruler and something that has a small, hard rounded tip like a rub-on plastic tool or my personal favorite which is the tool that came with the Fiskars Shape boss to press down paper into shapes. As long as the tip is at least 2 mm wide (otherwise the paper can get damaged)and rounded anything is fine.

Then just put the ruler where you want the crease and slide the tool firmly (press pretty hard) a couple of times up and down the line. I use my cutter mat underneath since the pressing down could leave a mark on your table otherwise. Then remove ruler and fold the paper along the sunk in crease. There, perfectly folded card without any lines, tears, crinkles or damaged paper!