Materials Needed:
Magazine Photo or Printed Photo from your computer
1 Can of Triple thick clear Gloss Glaze (available at most any store)

Place your picture on a piece of cardboard or a work surface that the glaze wont hurt. Spray a good coat of glaze on the picture...not too thick but not too thin...just enough to make it look liquid and glossy. Let this coat dry for about 12 hours. Apply two more coats in the same way so that you have a very thick coated photo. After it has dried completely for at least 48 hours, gently place your photo into warm water letting it thoroughly soak the paper on the under side. You can tell it is completely soaked if you can see the wet area through the gloss side. Very Gently rub off the paper from the back side until all you see is a transparency. This is similar to the packing tape transparencies but this method is seamless, but more difficult. You can use this method for photos, magazine clippings, computer printed items, journaling, titles, tags,etc!!! Use your imagination!