* Easter is important, too
Just because Christmas gets more attention in the media and most people spend months preparing for it doesnít mean that Easter isnít just as important. In the Christian calendar, Easter is more important than Christmas because it celebrates the resurrection of Jesus and the reason He was sent to Earth. Cling to that fact, if you need to, while you prepare the best family celebration ever.

* The odds are with you
Christmas is so limited. Everyone is stressed, there are expectations they canít meet, and you canít get outside to burn off any steam. Itís almost a law that you eat too much and speak too little. Easter, on the other hand, is laid back. No one has to rush home to put a bike together, and no one has spent money they donít have. There is no reason to drink until you canít see. Itís finally springtime and everyone is gung-ho for getting outside (except maybe Uncle Ralph, but at least he can get to the cigarettes that heís been craving all afternoon-and you might still want to keep the Wild Turkey away from him).

* Great food, great games, the best of times
There are lots of wonderful Easter recipes that can become as traditional as the Green Bean Casserole is at Christmas. And most of them donít depend on sodium-infused cans of pseudo-nourishment. Impress your family with a menu and a tablescape that will make them think youíre the next Martha Stewart Ė minus the prison time. Filling your day with games for indoors and out will get people moving as one and bonding over some of the most hilarious moments your family has ever witnessed together. Youíll have the adults feeling like kids again and the kids calling for more.

* Attitudes be gone
The truth is that your mother-in-law and you are on the same team. You both want to be a part of a great family that loves to be together. Ask her to bring a spring salad or custard for dessert. Itíll be one less thing for you to do, and she might even surprise you by telling you that sheís still worn out from last Christmas and would like to work together on the next one!

Chloe Matthews is a writer for the number one online Easter resource http://www.Celebratingeaster.com