lol.. so let me explain this one.. I love to layer paper with Bazzill and other pp... and that can get costly with buying lots of adhesives. My solution, I sew almost everything down. I like my pages to be secure, and sewing gives me the best results. AND believe it or not, its actually way easier to sew on paper than fabric. The best reward is that its WAY cheaper than buying adhesive, and it makes the perfect touch on most pages. I usually will put a small patch of adhesive just to hold the paper in place then use my machine to do the rest. I NEVER sew over adhesive(because it will gum up my machine) Oh and another thing, if you are thinking of buying a sewing machine for scrapbooking, don't bother with the small craft machines. I literally threw one away 10 minutes after it destroyed a beautiful layout of mine. I would just save up, and get a refurbished machine, or a less expensive one at a retail store.. trust me you will be glad you did. You will be amazed at how much less adhesive you are buying then you can spend that More on cute embellishments... or other supplies.. not just stupid sticky stuff.. OK that's my 2 cents!