Printing a Title in Reverse
(using Microsoft Word 2002)

Start the Word Art Editor by selecting the Insert menu, then Picture, then Word Art.

In the Word Art Gallery left click on the first picture (an outline) and then click on OK.

From the Size drop down box choose the largest size (96).

Left click here to change the Font (font used is Porcelain):

Left click in the Text box and type your word:

Click on OK when finished (you can come back here if you want to make any changes).

Turn on the Drawing Toolbar by selecting the View menu, then Toolbars, then Drawing.

Left click on the word to select it (a border with 8 black points appears).

You can re-size the word by holding down the Shift Button, left click and hold to drag the corner (if you donít hold the shift button the you can stretch the words length and height individually rather than both at the same time).

Ensure that the word is still selected (with the border and eight black points). From the Drawing Toolbar select Draw, then Rotate or Flip, then Flip Horizontal.

You word is now ready for print Ė print the word onto the Back of your card stock