Here are some tips and ideas for templates for bending wire, hope they help!

• Download fonts in a pretty large size, print them out and use them as a guide for words.
• Use common house hold tools for different shapes. I have used pens and pencils for small circles (like “o”), a small water bottle for a heart (bend the wire around for a circle, pinch one end for the point then push down on the top.), and the top s of your zig 2 way glue for varying size circles.
• Use a heavier gauge (18 or 20) for bending letters and shapes, it holds much better, and a lighter gauge (24 and up) for beading, accents and scroll designs.
• Practice, Practice, Practice!! Any wire that is left over or a boo boo, you can use to practice or to “stitch” words and shapes to your page.
• Use the plastic tipped pliers to squeeze sides together. Using your needle nose may damage the finish of the wire, and if the wire is plastic coated, will gouge the plastic.
• Using your fingers to bend the wire will result in fewer kinks, and softer lines. Pliers can make sharper, crisp lines and bends, but make the wire harder to “fix”
• If you make a mistake, try using your rubber tipped pliers to “erase” the error. This will work only if it is not a sharp bend, otherwise it will leave a bump.
• Be creative! Just about anything can be done with wire. Line tags with scrolls, use wire to “staple” pictures, connect journal blocks or titles.
• Make your own shaped clips! The store bought ones can get expensive, so I make my own! Control the sizes and swirls, make circles, squares, curly q’s you name it!