Materials needed
Razor blade/box cutter
9"x12" Foam sheet any color
Rubber cement, glue, any strong adhesive you have
Example will be a rubber stamp of a swirl. Our swirl is 2 " x 1 ". Add " to each measurement for the base of the stamp itself. Cut 2 pieces of foam and three pieces of cardboard 3"x2". Glue the three card-boards together to make one thick 3"x2" piece.
Glue one of the foam pieces to the cardboard stack. This is the surface you will attach your design to.
To begin with, keep your design simple. The fewer details the better. As you practice, you can then add more and more. Trace or freehand draw the shape of a swirl on the foam.
To trace, rub pencil heavily all over the wrong side of the picture you are tracing. Make sure this is really heavy and you have complete coverage. Turn the picture right side up and place it on the foam piece to be cut. Trace the picture with the pencil on the right side of the picture. Without smudging, lift the picture up. You should be able to see an outline of the item you want to cut. Draw it in darker before cutting to make it easier to see the lines.
Cut out the swirl shape. Glue the foam to the foam square end of the cardboard.
Try all different designs. Have the kids make their own. You can get more and more detailed as you practice.