I love the unique look of "found" items on scrapbook pages. It's fun to think outside the box (and save a little money to boot) and you get a truly unique and creative embellishment in the process.

My most recent "found" item was the clear plastic (acryllic) "disk" that comes in a package of blank CDs or DVDs. It's that protector thing on the top or bottom of the stack of disks. I used it to create a title for a page. First, I used a black Sharpie to doodle on the outside and inside rims. Then I used a clear alpha stamp set with black Staz On ink to stamp my title around the circle. Where the first and last letters of my title "meet" I just stamped a doodled circle. Voila! Creative, different, unique title.

You'll want to make sure to use a Sharpie or Slick Writer or other permanent pen if you're going to doodle or write on the plastic. And you'll also want to use an ink like Staz On that is made for slick surfaces. Pigment ink will never dry and dye ink will take a while and likely look chalky rather than crisp.

Also, your Sizzix die cutting machine will cut through most thin to medium weight plastics. Don't forget to keep the packaging your embellies come in to make your own "ghost" shapes and alphas. Ink the edges with permanent ink to make them pop and you've got some unique accents or titles.

Got a torn page protector? You can use that in your die cutting machine as well to make plastic/"ghost" embellies.