I came up brainstorming how to make family photo albums for grand children for the generations to come,family trees are hard to trace so I figured to try something new starting now for my grand-children so I started here. I traced around my Hand and angled my pencil so it would make a pattern of my hand a little larger,leaving enough room for hole pounch and ribbon layering my paper of course I traced my hand and cut my layered paper ,then pounched holes and added ribbon ,,,could add extras if wanted, this is a album to start with Mothers pitcure ,,the grand-mothers,great great grand-mothers ect...could do a toddlers album by traceing around Shoe,or babies ect.I am working on babies shoe and also toddlers,lets not loose family history lets change it now,,,,oh yeah on fingers could write cute things in different colors including dates and times ,could also be journal for baby Thank you Debra Lykins