These ideas are composed from a few of our fellow sb.c neighbors! THANK YOU!

Some people really like using Aleene's® Tack-It Over & Over glue, here are the instructions on how to use it:

How to use Aleene's® Tack-It Over & Over®
1. Brush a thin coat on the back of tightly-woven appliqués, sequins, ribbons, trims and other embellishments.
2. Allow to dry until clear.
3. Blot on back of hand before applying to surface.
***4. When not in use, remove embellishment and store on a nonporous surface such as a piece of glass or plastic.***
5. If embellishment loses tackiness, reapply glue.
6. To clean work surface, use a damp cloth if glue is wet. Use rubbing alcohol if glue is dry.
7. Clean hands with vegetable oil.
8. Always test for best results.

“This is great for when you “rip” the rubber stamp off of the wooden block and it is no longer sticky. Just follow the instructions. I like to store mine in CD cases.”
~Scrapbook girl

**Its not in the scrapbooking aisles. Go to the glue aisle. Where all Aleenes glues are.

“I got something from AC Moore a while back that is just what you're looking for. It's made by Wackytac. It's "Repositionable Stamp Mount" it's designed for unmounted stamps so you can use them with acrylic blocks.”

“It helps if you apply a little and I mean a little heat from your heat embossing tool, it will soften the adhesive and the rubber stamps will lift very easy. Of course just a little heat or you will melt the rubber. HTH”

“I put the stamp in the microwave for 6 seconds to loosen up the glue. Then I gently peel the stamp off the block AND the sticker from the top of the block. I put the sticker directly on the sticky part of the stamp, approximately lined up with the stamp on the underside (so I can easily ID my stamps and see where I'm stamping) and trim. So far, they've all stuck just fine. Then I apply a very thin layer (I actually spread it thin with my finger) of my Two-way glue over the sticker and let it dry for a few hours. When it's dry, it's just tacky enough to hold it to the CD case and to reposition to an acrylic block. I haven't been doing this very long -- a couple of months -- but so far, my tackiness is holding up. I figure I'll just re-apply if it eventually goes. I am just loving my unmounted stamps!”
~ Library Mommy

There is also something called EZ mount. After following the directions above about the microwave. And then you take the rubber stamp and stick it to the EZ mount.

1.Peel the printed blue liner to expose the adhesive side of the foam and mount it to your rubber stamp.

2.Trim the excess rubber and foam close to the design.

3.Remove the paper liner from the other side, this will expose the static cling.

4.Your stamp is now ready to be temporarily mounted on an acrylic block for stamping.

Here is the EZ mount web site:

~Scrapbook girl