Okay so here it is. I was going through all my books the other night looking at how I have evolved as an artist/scrapbooker/photographer and I noticed something. I love two page layouts. I like how they both match and can flow from one side to the other allowing you to utilize multiple pictures. So my tip for you is...

A} Treat it all as one page. one big 12 x 24 (or whatever size you are using. I mean it I have placed many photos/ embellishments/titles across both pages and when I am done adhering them I put it in my cutter ans slice down the middle to separate the pages ... yes cut down the middle of my photos (I do make sure that some ones face is not on that center line). Once you are done cutting though these items remember to adhere them back to your background paper so they don't sit loosely along the edge.

B} Choose a balanced symmetrical or asymmetrical Layout. I actually use magazine photos from advertisements to inspire me if I am stuck.

C} Utilize these types of layouts as a large canvas that will be able to tell the story of a trip or vacation ... not for just that one cute snapshot you took of her one day.

Hope these tips help and that you enjoy a wonderful night of scraping!

~ Grace ~