Buttons, Buttons, Buttons

I love putting buttons on layouts. I esp. love flat colored buttons because they come in a variety of colors and they are cheap. I attached them for the longest time by sewing them on one at a time.

I recently discovered tying DMC floss on the buttons and then attaching them with glue dots. I never used glue dots before because I felt a buttons with holes in them had to have thread through it or they looked incomplete.

I just made a layout for my sons 18th birthday using two buttons and DMC floss and I loved the effect I achieved. I threaded a needle with floss and brought it up under the layout where the first button was to be placed. I then glued dotted the button near, not on the thread. I glued the second button down and twisted the floss around each button. I ran the thread back under the first button and used acid free tape to hold the string down on the back side. (Layout is in my gallery) It’s on the lower left corner of the layout.

I also used three metal buttons in this layout. On those buttons I used a shank remover to take the back of the button off and glue dotted them in place.

A shank remover is a tool used to take the back of non flat button backs off. You can buy them for around $10.