I am asked this question often and thought this might be helpful!

Main Entry: [1]swap
Pronunciation: 'swäp
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): swapped; swap•ping

1 a : to give in trade : BARTER b : EXCHANGE 2
2 : to take turns in telling
intransitive senses
: to make an exchange
- swap•per noun

I discovered swapping a few years ago through the internet.
There are several kinds of swaps-supplies and handmade items.
Swaps can have a few people or several people in them. I generally like groups smaller than 10 people.

The person that runs the swap is called a HOSTESS she gets to pick the topic/due date for the swap. The people in the swap report their progress to the hostess on regular basis to make sure the person is fulfilling their obligation. Then the person makes/buys the items agreed upon. Next she packages the items in individual baggies and labels the items with her name and swap name. The person then places all the individual items into a big baggie along with enough postage to return the items back to them. Also included is a small token gift for the hostess for all of her time and effort. These items are put into a Priority Envie/Box or a manilla envelope and shipped to the hostess.

She keeps track of everyone packages and on the due date they are separated and everyone gets one of each other persons packages. The hostess repackages the items and mails them back to participants.

1. Hostess picks a theme and due date
2. People sign up for what they will be making or buying
3. The hostess posts the progress and reminders of the due date.
4. The people make/buy the items they signed up for.
5. Make slips of paper with name/swap name on
6. Bag item and the slip of paper with swap info on in plastic baggies.
7. Place all the items in a large plastic bag. **Enclose in the envie enough
postage to return the swap back to you/ hostess gift
8. Mail in a envie or Priority mailing envie/box to the hostess.
9. Contact the Hostess that the package has been mailed.
10. Wait for your swap items to come back to you. :)

This should help a little.

Swap ideas: Any theme you would like B-day, Christmas, Halloween etc…
You can make toppers, journal boxes, deco quotes/poems, deco squares etc…
There swaps with bought things themed items, brads , fibers, buttons etc….
I have a million ideas so just ask!