Avery, you know, the office supply label company, makes a full sheet of clear labels that can be run through an inkjet printer. It's product number 8665 which can be found at those large office supply stores. It comes in a package of 25 (8.5 x 11) sheets for about $25.00.

I use these sheets to create my own stickers using Microsoft Word and my color Ink Jet printer. I can make entire pages of inspirational phrases and titles or fill it with clip art pictures. I can get approximately 20 or more stickers on a sheet. At about a dollar a sheet, that's a big cost savings over buying pre-packaged stickers - AND I get exactly what I want.

To make great looking titles in MS Word (instructions for MS Word 2002 version) click the Insert menu, choose Picture then select the Word Art option. This gives you all sorts of shapes, shading and shadows for your titles. You can also choose Clip Art instead of Word Art and make stickers using preloaded clip art.