I used to sell cosmetics (Avon, BeautiControl) and have lots of leftover samples, etc. While I don't think I would use lipstick on my pages, I discovered that I can use the powered eyeshadows and/or blush on my pages. They look great and since they are very finely milled, go on light and can be made darker just by adding more powder. I use a qtip and I chalk away. Since these products are so finely milled, I do notice that I have to blow the excess off the page, but that part is easy!

I do not know if these products are safe for Scrapbooks - I know that they are fragrance free, derm tested, hypo-allergenic, etc!!! In fact, I have so many samples of Beauticontrol products, I am sending samples with my swaps, just for fun! I was even thinking, if others tell me that this is NOT safe for scrapbooks, to run make designs and run them thru the Xryon machine to make them "safe".

Hope this is helpful to others - goodness knows we all have makeup around that we no longer use - or just bought the wrong color! "Free" chalk!