People have been asking me about the metal faux technique, to see what Iīm talking about, check on my gallery..

Here it is.. I hope you understand my bad English-Icelandic language here.. hee..

Products needed:
-Embossing powder in any color (it doesnīt have to be any fancy powder, I use the Zig powder)
-Heat tool
-Heavy weight cardstock, trimmed to a circle of your choice
-Any CLEAR embossing ink
-Some copy paper to work on and removable adhesive (I used UHU tape runner, nothing classy..)
-Stamp, not too detailed

Ok, here we go..

1. Take your circle and make sure itīs a little bit bigger than your stamp

2. Put your circle on your copy paper with removable adhesive, ink your circle with the embossing ink (not with your stamp). Sprinkle the embossing powder over and heat. It doesnīt matter if the powder overlapps because youīre working on a copy paper.. right?

3. Now you have one layer of powder, you want to put many more.. I think I did about 4 or 5 layers of powder, youīll see when the powder starts too melt together like liquid then itīs ready.
You want to let the powder cool down between each layer so it wonīt damage your ink pad.

4. When you have a liquidish circle and no creases youīre ready. Let it cool completely

5. Ink your stamp with the embossing powder, that prevents the stamp from sticking to the powder, clear stamps might even melt...

6. Have your stamp well-inked next to you and heat the circle one more time. When itīs well-heated press the stamp down into your circle and let it dry there for about a minute or so.. You donīt wanna try moving the stamp around..

6, a. If you stamped off or it didn'tīt work (like happened to me) you donīt have to worry, just heat the circle again until it melts with a smooth surface again, and then try again.

7. Now when youīve waited a minute take the stamp off slowly and peel the circle from the copy paper, you might want to use a craft knife to help you..

Now you should be ready.. well if those instructions were way to complicated, hereīs a link on youtube that's shows it very well, there are many links on youtube about this technique but this one is after my fav artist Jennifer McGuire.

Thank you for stopping by and check my gallery for an example of this technique.