This is a favorite of mine. I love using this method for many of my layouts, but most especially my "Heritage" pages. The result is beautiful and so satisfying. Just follow the steps below to create an acrylic medium transfer onto canvas.


Canvas cloth. Golden matte and gel medium. Walnut Ink. Paint brush. Brayer (optional). Teaspoon. Pinking shears (optional).


1. Make a color copy of photo onto a lightweight paper of your choice.

2. Cut a piece of canvas cloth, cutting approximately one inch larger than your photo on all four sides.

3. With a brush, apply golden matte medium to canvas.

4. Next, with your fingers apply golden gel medium over the matte medium, (making sure you apply enough so that it doesn't dry too quickly)

5. Lay photo "copy side" down into the gel medium. Then use a brayer (or whatever else you personally prefer) to remove any air pockets and wrinkles.

6. Using a teaspoon (underside) burnish the paper to the canvas, making sure you consistently burnish the entire surface so there aren't any patches where the image didn't transfer.

7. You now want to allow to dry overnight (or at least 10 hours). Or, if you do this project early in the morning, you could come back to it later the same day and continue with the rest of the process. Whatever works best for you.

8. The next day the paper needs to be removed. To do this, lay the canvas and paper in a baking dish of water. This will start softening paper.

9. When paper softens, gently rub it off using fingertips *(Note: Rub "gently" as applying too much pressure can actually pull the transfer off the canvas)

10. Remove paper and lightly apply walnut ink to any untransferred or light areas, apply also to the edges of the image, then allow to dry.

11. Once dry, apply a protective coat of matte medium with a brush.

The rest is up to your own creative imagination as to how you wish to apply to your page and what type of embellishments you want to use to enhance. This is the fun part. You can glue it. Stitch it. Sew it on with a sewing machine (this is my favorite way, it just gives it that "finished", "professional" look). When your image transfer is dry, just cut around the edges with pinking shears and then machine stitch to torn cardstock and enhance with embellishments of your choice.

Voila! Your finished masterpiece!