Want your title to be on a piece of ribbon or a piece of clip art directly on your layout? Try this technique that I discovered. Print your image or text onto vellum, making sure you reverse the image when you print it. As soon as it comes out of the printer, take the wet side and lay it directly onto the item you want to transfer the image or text onto. Just like using a rubber stamp, make sure once you have placed the image onto the item you don't move it around. Rub the ink onto the item until you've covered the entire area of the image or text. Pull off the vellum and your image or text will be right on the ribbon, paper etc! Some helpful tips to make the image transfer at the highest quality: print in dark ink (black preferably) and bold the text if you can. Images with a lot of small details won't work as well as ones with sharp, bold lines. Happy scrapping!