For me, one of the hardest parts of starting a Heritage Album is figuring out how to organize it. The trick is, instead of starting the album on the first page, start in the middle with your kids or yourself. Work toward the edges with your side of the family going toward the front of the album and your husband's side of the family going toward the back of the album (or visa versa). When you're done the oldest generations from each side will be in the front and back so you can "read" the album in either direction.

Most people only have a couple of pictures from the older generations (or none at all). This is okay because you're going to want a lot of room for journaling about these people, their way of life, the historical events that happened during their era, and other interesting or sentimental tidbits you'd like to add. You may also want to include bits and pieces of ephemera that have been passed down generation after generation. You can include the actual objects on your pages, or you can scan or photograph them - leaving your pages flat, and store the actual items in a very safe place to pass along to your kin.