Whatever will you do with the business cards you have left over when you move on?

I was a consultant for an at-home scrapbook supply business so I printed up cards to give away. When the business failed, I was left with a lot of extra, unusable business cards. I discovered how to make treasure out of trash!

The quality of the cardstock made me feel guilty for using them as note paper, so I thought, "why not use them on scrapbook pages?" The backside of every card is a mini canvas ready to be embellished. Collage them with tiny bits of theme paper, put brads on them, alphabet letters (any type), set eyelets on them, or garnish them with string fibers, or ribbon. Hang charms from the eyelets with little jump rings.

Line up your business cards masterpieces along one side of your layout for a fun border. Use them to set up a color blocked area of your layout. Use one per page or cover an entire page with them. Lift them up with pop dots for that extra dimension. Cut a photo to size and mount or mat it with a business card.

This is only just scratching the surface. I'm sure you could think of a million more uses. Hope this gives you a push to try them out!