We all have certain pictures that we want to somehow include in our albums, but do not necessarily want "just anyone" to see. (Think, big pregnant belly exposed, or baby in the buff). Go ahead and include the photo! BUT -- adhere a "flap" over the top! Just as in a "lift the flap" book, the picture can be viewed only when the flap is lifted. The flap can be decorated accordingly, or used as a journaling space. This is a perfect "camoflauge" for photos that are fine for "family only," or in reserve for when the kids grow up. Many casual viewers of the album will never know the photo is there, while at other times the photo is available to be shared intentionally.
BTW -- Here are two possible ways to construct the flap: a) make a cutout-door in a piece of cardstock or printed paper, by cutting three sides so that the door folds/lifts open; adhere the frame overtop of the photo. (This method works well for fixing a page where there is a photo you want to make more private.) OR, b) make a "card" out of the cardstock or printed paper; adhere the photo to the inside, and adhere the "card" to the album page -- when the card is closed, no photo is evident.