This is an easy way to create those beautiful "bling" flourishes, on your own, your choice of color, no plastic background under to get dirty, break off or show - etc.

The best stencil I have used for this is the Bazzill In Stich'z Collection, instead of poking with the paper piercer, simply make dots with any acid free marker or pencil, be sure they are just simply small dots, and that you follow the pattern of your choice. When you are done dotting your stencil, remove the stencil and then you are free to go back and add either adhesive rhinestones right over the dots, or glue your own rhinestones by adding dabs of glue over the dots, then placing the rhinestones on top.

With this you are not limited to just what you can purchase in stickers, rather you can stock up on rhinestones and the sky is the limit! Darice has an excellent line of self adhesive rhinestones - you can't beat it considering 1 flourish can cost anywhere from 3.99 to 9.99, versus one pack of 150 rhinestones can cost 2.99!