Last Christmas I made recipe books for each of my siblings and my nieces and nephews. My mother passed away 3 years ago and I wanted to give my family a lasting tribute to Mom. I chose 12 of Mom's favorite recipes and put them into scrapbooks. Some of the recipes I typed on the computer, but I copied a few of them in her handwriting. With each recipe I added a comment or memory about the recipe - when she would make it, who makes it now, where the recipe came from, etc. I made chip board covers, but placed the recipes into 5x7 page protectors, so they would hold up if they were actually used!! I then tied them together with ribbon. I individualized the covers so that my siblings said "Mom's Recipes" and the grandchildrens said "Grandma's recipes". I also included a picture of my mom and one of her recipe box! There were a lot of tears when I presented them on Christmas! Hopefully they will be passed on to the next generation also!