I have spent the last year photographing my four footed children only to run into what I call the "evil eye problem". It seems like every single time I get that one shot I am looking for their eyes are glowing because of my red eye reducing flash. If I turn the flash off the picture quality isn't the best and we can't have that either. So I have been trying everything I can think of to fix this problem. Who knew Glad Press and Seal Wrap would be the solution?

If you have been struggling to photograph your pets, and have run into the "evil eye problem" yourself, the solution is right in your kitchen drawer.

1. Simply take a small piece of the self sticking Glad Press and Seal Wrap, the clear kind not the blue freezer stuff, and stick it over your flash.

2. Make sure it is smooth over the flash and not crinkled or wrinkled.

3. Now make sure your flash dulling sheet isn't covering anything else. If it is you will get some interesting pictures.

It will dull your flash just enough to stop the irritating glowing eye effect but keep your pictures looking great. This is a great, easy, cost effective way to get that perfect shot for those of us who only have the basic digital camera.