This tutorial is how to cut our digital stamps or other image files. No more fussy cutting! You will need to know how to use the Print and Cut function.

First, open up your ROBO Master Software and create a new document.
Be sure to click on "Use Registration Marks"

In the tool bar, click “Insert -> File…”

Locate the digital stamp on your computer and click “Open.” You can open jpeg/jpg and bmp files.

Click anywhere within your workspace be sure that your digital stamp is located within the registration marks.

Now your image is in your workspace. Click on the “Get Outline” button on the top toolbar.

This is the AutoTrace Box. Click the “Outer Frame Only” box and then “Convert to Outline.”

You now have an outline of your stamp. This is the line that your Silhouette uses to cut the shape out. Click on “Paste then Exit.”

The red line around your image is your cut line.

Now use the “Print and Cut” technique you learned last week to print and cut out your digital stamp.


Teresa Hord aka “CreativeCowgirl”