Removable Glue Dots are great inventions. They can be used in many different projects, including scrapbooks, photo albums, school assignments, crafts, office presentations, and more.
In particular, the Removable Glue Dots can be used to adhere paper to an appropriate work surface (e.g. wooden desk) or template, write or draw on the paper as it stays in place, remove paper from the surface, and peel each dot off of the paper easily. No adhesive residue is left on the work surface or on the paper. In addition the paper does not tear. That process could help disabled or elderly people sign greeting cards & other documents, write notes, etc. while the paper stays in place & flat.
The Removable Glue Dots could also be used when putting photos in albums if one cannot scan them (on to a computer or disk) before placing in book, or if they might need to be scanned in the future. However, I am not sure how long that adhesive will last.