1.I tried to find a simple way of creating my own embellishments, with out spending a dime. I cut cute phrases from some magazines I had laying around. for example, My beautiful daughter, easy on the eyes, summer fun, and all dressed up.

2.Creating recycled paper. I found that Newspaper works best.
You'll need used newspaper, paper shredder, Elmer's crafting glue, a mesh screen, bleach, a large container, and food dye.
1.shred paper and soak over night. make sure the paper is completely submerged.
2.next morning drain water in a safe environment, "ink from the paper stains" then add more water then 2/3 cup bleach to the paper. leave it for about an hour or two. (once the time is up, strain the water from the paper again, using an empty container to hold the water with bleach.
3. soak the paper in water again, once again completely submerged. In about five to 8 hours drain again, add more water 2/3 cup Elmer's crafting glue, and food dye. (colors are light or dark depending on amount added.) If the colors are not dark as you want remove some of the water and then add more dye. The longer it sits the darker result.
Drain the water and then use the mesh screen to allow the paper to dry completely. Once the paper is dry feel free to cut and use it anyway you wish.
I agree the process is long and extremely worth it. The paper is strong as well as sturdy. The texture is nice to. jkjfdkj