If you're like me you have to have "everything", but having it all isn't good if you can't find anything. I decided to organize my scraproom so I could locate anything at the drop of a hat. Here's how I did it... if you view my gallery you'll see I use the heavy duty ladder bookcases cause they accommodate different sizes and weight. I have all my production supplies labeled by category in one area, cardstock and themed papers in another, and then all my scrapbook supplies to create my books carefully separated, labeled and stored for easy access. If I want to make a "baby boy" page I look for all my "baby boy" papers and grab my "baby boy stickers and embellishments" container. By keeping the themes in their own category you can cut down on valuable "searching" time. I found this save me half the time, start to finish, when creating a page. Figure that you will be buying supplies all the time. Get the plastic bins big enough to hold what you have now and for the future. I found I've gone through 4 stages of "supplies" growth and unfortunately wasted money until I finally spent the time to categorize "EVERYTHING" and go from there. Happy organizing!