You will need 1 bag for the front/back covers and as many other bags bags as you want inside pages, divided by 2. So if you want 4 inside pages, you need 3 bags- 1 for the covers and 2 others.

Fold all bags in half. Stack the bags on top of each other, placing the folds together, alternating the open ends of the bags with the bottoms of the bag at each end.

To secure the spine you can:
- stitch through the folds with a sewing machine
- punch holes along the spine and tie or thread with ribbon or fibers
- use a prong fastener from an office supply store
- punch holes and attach eyelets through holes
- staple along the fold from the inside of the bag
- staple along the fold while the book is folded shut

Once you have the spine anchored you can embellish the book however you want. Some people embellish before they secure the spine to make sure the paper covers the whole bag, but it is your choice.

The open ends of the bags form pockets that can hold large tags for writing or photos.