With bottle caps, you can decorate them flattened or not flattened. Either way is acceptable and both ways are fun! When flattened, they are a bit less lumpy and have a decorative border around them. I also find them easier to attach to your paper. Unflattened caps will need to be attached with a more thick two-sided foam.

There are many ways to cover your bottle caps. You can paint them, cover them with paper, use embossing powder, or you may not want to cover them at all. If you are painting your caps, you can use a paint pen or acrylic paints. There may even be a spray paint you want to use; just be sure to check acidity. If you are using paper, you will want to cut a 1 circle. You can do this with several cutting tools or even a 1 circle punch. Any paper is acceptable, cardstock or patterned. With embossing powder, you can cover the entire cap with powder or stamp an image and apply the powder to the stamped image.

Once you have covered your cap, you begin embellishing. You can embellish with just about any scrapbook embellishment. Rubons are fun to use to put words on your caps. You can use pen detailing, stickers, cutouts, and so much more. I enjoy putting beads and then covering with Diamond Glaze. This gives it an epoxy look and its a lot of fun! What about just cutting a photo and using your cap as a frame? Use them as the wheels or a truck or add a stem and leaves to make a unique flower. You could even use the store bought premade items for bottle caps, but what is the fun in that? *giggle*

The main thing to do when using bottle caps is to have fun and use your imagination! The ideas are endless and I know each and every one of you can come up with something new and exciting!!! So get busy making some caps! I want to see some new creations!