Found a way to use my Sizzix Sidekick and my hug binder full of Lasting Impressions templates. I also have the Colored Impressions software from Lasting Impressions. I was able to print on cardstock a colored image of the template. Then I lined it up so the colors showed through the template and ran it through. It embosses it along the lines of the different colors. Here is what you need to do dry embossing using your Sidekick or Tag A Long machine:

1. Sidekick or Tag a Long machine
2. Simple Impressions Sidekick Folders, available at Sizzix website or Ellison (called Easy Emboss Replacement Folders) $3.99 for 5 folders
3. Embossing rubber, sheets available at Ellison website, direct link $15.99 for 6 sheets of 9 X 12
4. Removable tape or Simple Impressions Glue Tabs, available at Sizzix website, 300 glue tabs for $4.99
5. Side Standard Cutting Pads, available at Sizzix, $2.99 a pair

I'm no expert since I just did a few to test that it works, but here are some instructions. First, about the rubber. My DH fixes large equipment for a stone company. They use large rolls of rubber as rubber flaps and so he buys it through a rubber company. I asked him if maybe Home Depot or Orchard Supply might have and he said he doubts it. But you can buy the sheets through Ellison and they seem to be reusable as I've done about 6 embossing items with the same sheet.

Instructions are to use another vendors, i.e. Lasting Impressions, brass stencil in the Sidekick or Tag A Long.

1. Cut rubber sheet to about size of template. Mine were just a bit over the edge. I read an article that said to make it a tad smaller, but I just cut mine close to the size of the template and it works fine. You might want to try both ways.
2. Layer inside the embossing folder in this order, template, paper to emboss, rubber. If you are using Colored Impressions line up the colored impression behind the template so you can see the printing through the stencil. Then tape with removable tape or glue tabs.
3. Put your embossing folder between the pair of standard cutting pads. If you have a long template you will need to purchase the 13" long cutting pads, but I don't see why that would not work also.
4. Roll it through your Sidekick or Tag A Long.'ve embossed the stencil onto your paper.

I cut mine out or will make a small square around the item. I've tried an Easter egg, flower and tag and they all turned out fine. Once I have time I will do a few items and put them in my gallery.

Also, if you don't own templates already (I had a huge binder full of Lasting Impressions) you can buy them from Sizzix or The Ellison site has lots of them, mostly $8.99 each and Sizzix Simple Impressions seem to run about $5.99 - $8.99. I'm sure they are also sold through Ebay stores because I bought my embossing folders and glue tabs via Ebay. Nice store online, sellers ebay login is happyscrapinscrapbooking, as is name of the store. They carry the embossing folders, templates, glue tabs, but I didn't see the rubber in their store.

Robin from CA