You can make a simple 6x6 album out of 2 12x12 card-stocks... one fiber, and one ribbon... and as far as tools... all you need is a hole puncher, and a paper trimmer...
1. Take the two card stock and cut them in half.... you should now have four half strips (6x12 each).
2. Fold them in half then open them up... hold them flush together and punch a hole on the creased middle... one hole on top, one on bottom.
3. Now place one strip aside (the cover) and with the remaining three halves... trim about quarter of an inch from the width and a quarter from the height... this is so that the inside of the book does not show when it's closed.
4. Place these three (the inside) strips on the side and get the cover strip.
5. Now fold the cover in half. With your hole puncher, punch a hole towards the middle of the "folded" part... and opposite side (the opening side) see pic.
6. Take the ribbon, and thread it in one hole (from the opening side) and out the middle hole, and in and out (see pic)
7. Now assemble all four strips together and with the fiber thread thread through the crease and tie a knot in the middle inside of the book. (see pic)
8. and walla ... fold and a book that retails for $6-$8 bucks at the Pebbles in my Pocket... for less than $1-$2.

I hope I made myself clear... it gets a bit tricking not being able to demonstrate.