I just wanted to share something I stumbled upon. I had purchased some Heidi Swap self stick alpha letters because they were the size I wanted. I got the light blue but I really wanted a turquoise color, but we know we can't always find exactly what we want! So at the same time I bought one of those little chalk stamps that are shaped like a cat's eye, in "Apple Green". When I got them home and tried to use the chalk it just wouldn't stick, the blue paper covering the letters was too shiny. Now when I'm on a roll I want to finish something not go searching for something else so dag nabit I was going to make these light blue letters aqua blue if it took me two hours! Then I remembered the "pearl white" alcohol pen I accidently bought and couldn't return! I know from doing other things that alcohol can take the shine off of things so I first tested it on a background piece of the letters. Because it's a "pearl white", it really didn't leave any color behind but it definitely roughed up the shiny paper. Then I used the "Green Apple" color chalk and it took! Suddenly I had the aqua color letters that matched my aqua paper! I then sponged them with my copper ink for the look I wanted and it turned out perfectly! I also used the "pearl white" alcohol pen on a black and cream layout I did when one of the cream papers looked too white, I brushed it over the whiter paper and it added just enough color to make the paper "cream" or aged.

Nothing better than realizing you didn't totally waste $6.00 on a pen you'd thought you'd never use!

Hope this helps someone! Scrap2KeepSane