- I made the last page blank.
- I sliced thru the protector and the layout (placed cardbaord inside to prevent going thru the other side of the protector).
- I added adhesive to the front of the blank page
- I slid the blank page thru the slit in the protector/LO and pressed down to adhere.

Not sure that's the proper way to do it, but now the flip is attached to the back of the LO. It worked for me.


- Cut the pages slightly bigger than the photos, score/fold the top and secure with brads/adhesive

- cut the paper twice the length of the finished page, fold in half so it is the actual desired size. this should form a V (like a card). glue multiple "V" together(back of one card to the front of another, like this VVVVV. When they are all together, it will form a book.