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Description: Heidi Swapp - Ranger Blending Tools Tip

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Lol...Heidi is so cute...I love how she is trying not to laugh at the end. Thanks for the tip Heidi and Kels!

I love learning cool tips like these that make my scrapbooking easier!

Great tip, but don't you think they should make a product you don't have to FIX the minute you get it home??!!


Great tip...thanks for the info!!!

Fantastic tip! I had been holding off on getting the distressing tool -- now gratefully. Frustration would lead me to never use it again. Now, I know better! Thank you so much!

It is tips like these that prove this site is for the true "scrap"er. Crafty while still economical.

Awesome tips!

This has been very useful. I love the tutorial videos. Gives me better ways to be creative.

Awesome tutorial

Good to know!

i love this product it's fantastic!

THANK YOU! This is one wonderful PSA. Thank you thank you thank you!


Yes! I was just going to buy a new one, but now I don't have to!

That's a really good tip.

great tip Heidi - Thank you!

Thank you very much Heidi, this is a really good tip.

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