52 Pages About You

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If someone were to ask you what your favorite subject for scrapbooking is, chances are that you wouldn't say yourself, right?  Most of us don't enjoy writing about ourselves, and we don't usually show up in our scrapbooks.  Well, it's time to change all of that. 

I encourage you to dig out your old childhood photos and take this journey of self-reflection and record your own personal history with me.  Below I've included a list of 52 layout suggestions to get you started.  You can choose any or all of them.  You might even give yourself a challenge to complete one layout a week, so that you will have a finished album by this time next year. 

52 Pages About You

  1. The day you were born
  2. The place you were born
  3. Baby picture of you
  4. Your mother
  5. Your father
  6. Your siblings
  7. Your grandparent(s)
  8. Grade school photos
  9. Childhood friends
  10. Memorable./favorite teachers
  11. Favorite toy(s)
  12. Childhood pet(s)
  13. High school photos
  14. High school friends
  15. College photos
  16. College friends
  17. Past hair styles
  18. Past fashion trends
  19. Your first car
  20. Wedding/boyfriend photos
  21. Honeymoon/vacation photos
  22. Your best friend
  23. Guilty pleasures
  24. Music
  25. Movies
  26. Hobbies
  27. Books
  28. Children/family
  29. Home
  30. Talents/skills
  31. Thing you like best about yourself
  32. Thing you like least about yourself
  33. Goals you have for yourself
  34. Favorite photos
  35. Favorite foods
  36. A day in your life
  37. Holiday memories past
  38. Holiday memories present
  39. Favorite place to visit
  40. Places you'd like to visit
  41. Collections
  42. Birthday photos
  43. Your proudest moment
  44. Your most embarrassing moment
  45. Something you couldn't live without
  46. Something you've always wanted but haven't gotten yet
  47. The best present you've ever received
  48. The best gift you've ever given
  49. The biggest obstacle you've overcome in your life
  50. The happiest moment in your life
  51. The saddest moment in your life
  52. A day you'll never forget

The layouts in my album are in no particular order.  I scrapbook whatever photos inspire me at the moment.  I use a 12" x 12" format, but this project can easily be adapted to any size or format you like.  I've included both single- and double-page layouts.  Some of the layouts might not include photos, because there are some memories I want to include for which I don't have any pictures.  Don't let missing photos stop you from writing about things that are important to you. 

In the end, you'll have a priceless album full of your memories that will be treasured, not only by you, but also for your children and grandchildren and other family members.