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How To Color Swatch Your Nuvo And Stickles

There's something unbelievably magical about organizing all your prized crafting supplies in a beautiful, tidy fashion. Not only does it spark joy to see that everything has its designated spot in your workspace, but you are never left searching for the specific products you want to utilize at a moment's notice for your next project. knows how happy the perfect storage and organization solution can make you feel. We get that feeling too!

That's why we designed the exclusive ColorCase Collection for storing your .5 oz and 1 oz bottles of Stickles, Nuvo Drops, Liquid Pearls, acrylic paints, reinkers, and more! They're clear, stackable, and look amazing anywhere you put them in your craft space.

But what if we told you that we have some cool tips for swatching your ColorCases for even better organization? 

ColorCase Swatch - Liquid PearlsYou may be familiar with the term "swatch" for fabrics or home decor color options when decorating. But a swatch is just a sample or test of something that is easily referred back to. In the world of crafting, swatches help you organize and coordinate paper, ink, markers, paint, and every other colorful product in your craft supplies.

You never have to worry about your color choices clashing on your completed project when you refer to your trusty swatches!

The ColorCase design is perfect for multiple types of swatching. Not only will swatching help you figure out the absolute true tone colors of the products that you own, but it also gives each product a place to call its own so you never lose a single one. 

Since the bottles are stored upside down in the ColorCase, the perfect place to put a swatch of the actual product color is right on the bottom of each bottle.

ColorCase Swatch LabelTo get started, grab some circular labels from the office supply store. The 3/4" size is perfect for the bottom of your .5 oz bottles of Stickles and Liquid Pearls. For your 1 oz bottles of Nuvo Drops or acrylic paints, you can use 3/4" size or even the 1" for a bigger color sample.

Using the circle labels as your guide, slowly and carefully apply the product you're swatching. The design and amount of product you use is entirely up to you. We chose to fill in the whole circle to really get a good idea of what the color would look like on our future projects.

ColorCase Color SwatchDue to the volume of product on the labels, these should be set aside to dry for at least 24 hours so they can fully harden. 

After they are completely dry, apply a little bit of craft glue to the bottom of the bottle before adhering the label. A little pressure and the color swatch labels are good to go!

ColorCase Label SwatchesAnother way to color swatch the ColorCase is by adding labels to the front of each clear plastic bottle slot. The .5 oz ColorCase holds 10 individual bottles while the 1 oz ColorCase holds 8 bottles. Each of these slots has the perfect spot for a swatch label!

ColorCase How To SwatchUsing rectangle shaped labels in 1" x 3/4" size, follow the same process as the circles for swatching. Fill in the rectangle shape of the label however you choose and allow to fully harden and dry.

ColorCase Close-UpAdd a little craft glue on the back of the labels and press them securely onto the slots of your ColorCase! Since the bottle slots are curved, you will want to hold each glue-backed label for roughly 15-30 seconds to start the liquid glue adhering to the plastic.

Helpful Tip: Even though the circular and rectangular labels are stickers, applying glitter glue or dimensional accents onto them can make the stickers warp and bend as they dry. The added adhesive ensures your swatch labels stay on your bottles and your ColorCases!

ColorCase Swatch LabelsGet organized, get inspired, but first, get swatching! These swatch techniques and tips for your ColorCases will take your crafting game up a notch. Take the guesswork out of color matching while also ensuring you never lose a favorite color ever again.

For more help swatching your ColorCases, check out this helpful video below:

What ways have you been organizing your ColorCases? Share with us in the comments!

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