Displaying Scrapbook Layouts On Your Wall

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Admit it-you've made some good layouts. Really good. The kind that you want everyone to see, and not just when you have the chance to pull out your albums and have friends flip through them. These layouts are art, and even if they're not quite Louvre material, they at least deserve a prominent spot on your wall.

Displaying layouts in frames is a great way not only to give your favorite layouts additional exposure, but also to decorate your home with a personal touch that's completely customizable and, even better, easy to change on a whim.

As scrapbookers today, we're given a wide array of choices to choose from when it comes to finding a frame to use for displaying a layout. Thanks to the popularity of scrapbooking, as well as digital photography, frames are available in more styles and sizes than ever before, and this allows us to be creative with both the frame itself and the layout within.

Choosing a Frame

Once upon a time, it was nearly impossible to find a frame that fit a 12" x 12" layout; nowadays, there are many different styles and designs to choose from. 8 ½" x 11" scrapbookers have a few more options, since this is a common size outside the scrapbooking world as well. Both of these sizes could be hung on their own, but would also look good on the wall hung in pairs and trios; decide for yourself based on how many layouts you have that you'd like to frame, as well as the space you have to hang them in.

Smaller layouts, such as pages from mini books, can look wonderful on the wall hung in groups. It is possible to find frames in smaller sizes, such as 6" x 6" and even 4" x 4". Select a few of your favorites to hang in a row or a grid-you could even display an entire mini book this way!

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So which frame to pick? More ornate frames can be fun, especially if you're a simple scrapbooker, since the contrast between the frame and the layout can really make it pop. However, I tend to gravitate towards simpler wooden frames, since these can be customized easily with paint or decoupage, and decorated to match the theme of your decor. Have fun with your frame! It can be just as good a place to display your creativity as the layout itself

Sizing It Up

If you regularly scan layouts to post them on Scrapjazz-or if you're a digiscrapper!-you likely have lots of digital versions of your layouts on your computer. If you're familiar with resizing and printing photos, you can use a similar process on your layouts to resize them for framing. The possibilities are endless! Enlarging a single layout large enough to command a wall would make a great focal point for a room (in this case, you might want to have it professionally printed and framed). Resizing to a smaller size is also possible, of course, and can be a fun option if you have a large number of layouts that you'd like to display. If you'd like to display a layout on a table or desk (show off your scrapbooking at work!) sizing a layout down would be a good way to go, since large frames can be unwieldy and take up valuable desk space.

Switch It Around

Once you have a few framed layouts on the wall, remember-you have albums full of other layouts that want to be seen, too! It's easy to go back and switch the layout in the frame with a new one, and this is a great way to keep your home décor fresh and exciting. There are many ways to do this: display your brand-new layouts in a frame for a week or two before putting them away in an album. Around holiday times, get festive by hanging up favorite layouts from past holiday celebrations. In a child's room, celebrate achievements and milestones by making sure their latest accomplishment is commemorated on the wall... or rotate through pages from older scrapbooks, so they can see how much they've grown!

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Image Credit: Maegan Hall 


Displaying layouts in frames is a wonderful alternative to keeping our layouts tucked away in albums, and can be a beautiful way to add a personal touch to the place we call home. Just as in creating a layout, there is lots of creativity that can go into the way a layout is displayed.

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