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Unique Baby Shower Gift Idea

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What do you get for an expectant mom-to-be at her baby shower or the new parents that just welcomed an adorable bundle of joy? A gift card is too predictable, and an adorable outfit gets outgrown in a matter of weeks.

Give the new mommy a gift that she won't just use, but also cherish for the rest of her life with the unique and thoughtful Easy Albums Kit from!

Easy Album Baby
Capture every adorable smile, baby milestone, and unforgettable moment with that precious little one, available in a variety of color schemes.

Easy Albums - The Perfect Baby Gift

Our Easy Albums are the must-have all-in-one scrapbooking kits for new parents to preserve memories, tell unforgettable stories, remember each special moment, and create something special with their hands.

Easy Albums Baby Boy
Every beautiful or silly photo has a story behind it - tell those stories to remember them for a lifetime!

Each kit comes with everything mom and dad need to complete a stunning 30-page baby book in no time at all.

There's a full-sized scrapbook album, dozens of themed cards for baby girl or baby boy, tons of lined journaling cards for documenting baby's milestones, page protector sleeves, a pen, and a handy instruction booklet. There are no supplies needed and no crafting experience required!

Easy Albums Scrapbook Kit
A full-sized album, theme cards, journal cards, page protectors, a pen, and instructions all included!

This fast, easy way to make a spectacular, customized baby album is perfect for the busy parent who doesn't have a ton of time on their hands. It can be finished by mom or dad in as little as an hour on the couch, the floor, or even while holding a sleeping baby.

Easy Album Baby Girl
Mom can get her unique, handmade baby album completed in as little as an hour on the floor of the living room!

Plus, think of all the adorable, unforgettable photos that mom will be taking to document every cute moment from that little boy or girl. She's going to need an amazing place to showcase all those photos, and this is the perfect way to get pictures and memorable stories in a wonderful album to share with friends and family.

Since there's a new mouth to feed in the house, this affordable option for creating a customized baby scrapbook is perfect for mom and dad. They only need to print out their favorite photos in standard 4" x 6" size to put in the album - that's it!

Baby Boy Easy Albums
The hardest part might be choosing which adorable photos to include - that's why there are 30 pages to fill with mom and dad's favorite pictures!

With a gift of Easy Albums, new parents have the perfect place to document all of baby's firsts, favorite moments, and unforgettable memories. The options for journaling and memory keeping on the note cards are endless, and we even include a bonus journaling prompt section in the instruction booklet. 

The arrival of a new baby is an unbelievable, touching experience that every parent should document and cherish forever. This all-in-one kit was created so that parents can remember every special moment along the way in photos and stories so that those memories can be treasured for a lifetime.

Baby Easy Albums

See how easy our Easy Albums are to put together: