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How To Turn Your Photos Into The Best Vacation Photo Album

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Traveling and seeing new sights makes your heart happy. It's exciting to experience historical landmark destinations, tropical sandy beaches, bustling cities with skyscrapers that reach the clouds, and every vacation destination in between.

Instead of daydreaming about your once-in-a-lifetime trip, create something stunning and meaningful that will preserve pictures, stories, and keepsakes of your adventure that will last a lifetime! Make an unforgettable travel album with's exclusive Easy Albums!

Easy Albums - Your Vacation Photo Album

Our Easy Albums are the must-have all-in-one kits for you to preserve memories, tell exciting stories, remember every unbelievable destination, and create something special with your hands. 

We have five travel and vacation-themed kits to choose from

Easy Albums - Travel
Capture every unbelievable landmark, travel story, and unforgettable sight from your adventure, available in a variety of color schemes.

Each kit comes with everything you need to complete an exciting 30-page vacation album in no time at all. No scissors, tape, glue, or experience needed!

The pre-cut cards fit neatly into the photo sleeves and all match in style and design, leaving you with a long-lasting heirloom no matter how you choose to put it together. 

Easy Albums - Vacation Navy
A full-sized album, theme cards, journal cards, page protectors, a pen, and instructions all included!

Each kit comes with a full-sized scrapbook album, dozens of travel and vacation-themed cards in fun colors and designs, tons of lined journaling cards for documenting your events, page protector sleeves, a pen, and a handy instruction booklet. 

Capture all of the stories: Lazy days on a tropical beach with an ice-cold beverage by your side, hiking through an exotic rain forest to discover hidden waterfalls, walking in the footsteps of your ancestors at amazing 100-year old landmarks, and picture after picture of smiles and laughter at a giant family reunion!

Don't let these memories fade with time or get lost in your phone forever.

How Do I Put It Together? designed Easy Albums to be as simple as possible. You'll be amazed at just how easy it is to sit down in less than an hour to create an entire 30-page scrapbook album with photos and memories.

Easy Albums - VacationHere's how it's done:

  1. Get your standard 4" x 6" photos ready. If you need to print your photos, Persnickety Prints is a high-quality favorite among scrapbookers! 
  2. Take out the theme cards, lined journaling cards, pen, and pocket sleeves, along with the album (all included in the kit!).
  3. Choose a pocket sleeve and start slipping your favorite photos into the pockets alongside some of the theme cards.
  4. Fill out your journaling cards with fun stories, facts, memories, and anecdotes, and slide them into the pockets as well.
  5. Insert your completed page into the 3-ring album.
  6. Repeat until you have all your pages completed for a stunning, unforgettable album.
  7. You can even change up each of the pages, insert new photos and cards, and move the inserts around as much as you desire - the choice is yours!

See how easy it is in this video below:

We know you have unforgettable plane selfies, beautiful beach photos, pictures of amazing views from the top of a hiking trail, and some goofy favorites in front of crazy landmarks. You're going to need an amazing place to showcase all of them, and this is the perfect way to get pictures and memorable stories in a fantastic album to share with friends and family.

Every time you get out your album, you can relive the magic of your adventure and get started on planning your next trip!

Easy Albums - Vacation
Create lasting memories that will be looked back on fondly years later!
With Easy Albums, you have the perfect place to document all of those fun family moments, favorite details, and unforgettable memories. The options for journaling and memory keeping on the note cards are endless, and we even include a bonus journaling prompt section in the instruction booklet. 
Easy Albums - Vacation Journaling
Write about the endless hours in the car, getting lost in a new city and all the stories you never want to forget!

Relive the happiness of your adventures and the magic of each detail as you create and cherish your handmade vacation album! Remember every amazing moment in photos and stories so that those memories can be treasured forever!